Soft AFO

A soft AFO for foot drop shoe is a popular option amongst runners and those who like to wear trail running shoes. These tend to have a mid-to-high calf height, with a slightly lower in the heel. They have cuffed suede uppers, leather on the sole and are suitable for most terrain. They often feature a mesh cover to improve ventilation, and a nylon shank in order to hold the laces together. As with many trail shoes, the AAFOs are highly breathable, especially when compared with the AFO for knee drop which is a heavy-duty shoe and requires more investment in breathable components.

Hard AFO

A hard AFO for foot drop is an excellent choice for those who run or walk and require an ankle-foot orthosis support. This means that you can wear these shoes for a long time without any issues, whilst also being able to enjoy the benefits of your improved arch support. They are often made of a stiff yet flexible EVA foam to ensure that the shock absorption is not affected, as the AAFOs are extremely durable and will last the user a very long time. The ankle-foot orthosis support brace will be fastened around your ankles and is usually adjustable to allow for the size of your feet. This support is essential as foot arches can vary from one person to another.